Be With Your Parents In Australia


Be With Your Parents In Australia


Missing your parents? Now it is your turn to take good care of them.


Australian government offers various program for elderly. It has a sophisticated healthcare system that allows older Australians to have access to these via pharmaceutical benefits, hospitals and medical specialists. Even private sectors are ensuring these to be obtained at a lower cost. The Medicare system is providing subsidy or free cost procedures.


Other assistance are also available to cover the older Australians’ living expense. Age pension is designed to give financial support and concessions. For resident over 65 years of age, calculation of an age pension can be made, depending on income and assets.


So how can you get closer to them? A parent category visa allows someone to live in Australia for up to 2 years (temporary resident) or as an Australian permanent resident. The sponsor, son or daughter, should not be more than 18 years of age, living in Australia lawfully for at least 2 years before lodging a parent’s visa application.


Parent should meet the Balance of Family Test criteria and meet health and character requirements as well. Such test determines the extent of a parent’s links to Australia. The Department of Immigration Border Protection (DIBP) checks if at least half of the children live permanently in Australia.


Should the parent failed to meet the balance of family test, depending on circumstances, there are some other parent visa options:


  • Parent Visa (subclass 103) – subject to capping
  • Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa (subclass 173)
  • Contributory Parent Visa (subclass 143)
  • Aged Parent Visa (subclass 804) – subject to capping
  • Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) Visa (subclass 884)
  • Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 864)


Australia provides better lifestyle for your parents with various support from the government, community and family orientated programs. The process is just extensive and Cornerstone Migration is dedicated in providing professional service. Our team is centered with integrity and prudence. You may wish to book a free consultation with us to see your options. Contact us at 07 3191 2407/ Email:

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