VETASSESS Priority Processing, On The Way – Skills Assessment In Only 10 Days!


VETASSESS is launching their Priority Processing service for General Professional Occupation applicants, effective 01 August 2017. Applicants will now have the option to fast track their application on this value-added service for a certain fee. For onshore applicants, by getting your skills assessment sooner, you can apply for EOI sooner, get that invitation and then the very necessary bridging visa! For offshore applicants, this can lower your waiting time and hopefully stress levels too, for some we know this is priceless.


The Priority Processing ensures that your application will be finalized within 10 business day. Please take note that consideration on this will be given to new online applicants that will lodge after 01 August 2017. Availability of the complete details on this service with the inclusion of eligibility criteria will be accessible on the website come 01 August 2017.


Such service won’t affect the usual skills assessments service that will be continuously provided in line with the standard processing lead time.


In terms of fees, a reasonable increase has been imposed to align with the efficiency of the high-quality skill assessment services. This is for the General Professional Occupations from 01 August 2017. The assessing authority is always committed to offer stable price to its customers in accordance with their services. This is supported by the fact that their fees remained the same since 2014.


For full fee updates, check it out on this link.


All applications received prior to 01 August 2017 are subject to their current pricing scheme.


For further information on skills assessments or any visa needs, you may reach us at 07 3062 0961. Or via SMS 0481 393 437. Skype/email:

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