Reports are appearing in the ethnic and other media that the Temporary Long Stay Parent Visa has been introduced.

As reported previously, the Family Violence and Other Measures Bill passed this week has facilitated the introduction of the Temporary Long Stay Parent Visa, by creating the framework that:

  • imposes statutory obligations on persons who are or were approved as family sponsors, and
  • provide for sanctions if such obligations are not satisfied;


The Bill does not introduce the Temporary Family Long Stay visa, further legislative change will be required for this to occur.

The effect of the Family Violence and Other Measures Bill is to extend the responsibility for meeting the prescribed medical, hospital, aged care or other health related expenses incurred by a visa holder or a former visa holder to sponsors.

The amendment includes the provision for these costs to be recovered from the sponsor.  

The amendments to the Bill adopted by parliament also appear to have extended these provision to APPROVED WORK SPONSORS as well.

A press release from Minister Coleman has announced that the new Temporary Long Stay Parent Visa will become available in the first half of 2019.

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