Labour agreements for aged care providers – supporting multicultural communities across Australia

The Minister has recently agreed to changes that allow aged care providers that support multicultural communities to seek the following terms and/or concessions to be included in their labour agreement:

  • a permanent residency pathway to an ENS visa, conditional on nominees having been employed for at least three years on a TSS visa,
  • an age concession allowing ENS visa nominees to be up to 55 years old, and/or
  • a lower English language proficiency requirement equivalent to the short-term stream of the TSS visa with International English Language Testing System (IELTS) component scores of at least 4.5 and an overall IELTS score of at least 5.0.

Labour agreements can only be considered, however, where it is demonstrated that Australians cannot fill skill shortages and standard work visa programs cannot be utilised. A company specific labour agreement must be requested via an on-line form in IMMI Account.


Changes to Minister of Religion Labour Agreements (MORLA)

The Minister has agreed to changes to the MORLA settings.

What are the changes to the MORLA?

  • Religious institutions can now seek a MORLA to sponsor overseas workers under the additional occupation of ‘Religious Assistant’. Thresholds for sponsoring the occupation of ‘Minister of Religion’ have been made more flexible. Previously, the nominee was required to work in the most senior position in a specified location. Under new arrangements, the nominee can work in any senior position.

Nominated workers continue to be eligible for permanent residency, subject to a three-year transitional period. Sponsors will need to demonstrate they meet all requirements and have made reasonable efforts to fill positions with an Australian.

A MORLA can be requested online via ImmiAccount.

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