Department Changed Their Mind About Changes to Partner Visa Application Process


Earlier this year it was announced that from 1 July this year 2017, the Department would require that before a partner visa can be lodged, the sponsor had to first go through an application and approval process. This change is quite drastic as it would impact applicants looking at lodging Partner visa applications onshore, where their current visa will soon expire and they need their bridging visa issued ASAP. Recently the Department did a backflip and decided that this change would not be implemented as announced, or at least it will be implemented, they just haven’t announced a specific date. Whilst this is a good thing for applicants, making it easier to get bridging visas, it is a further example of just how complicated dealing with the Department is and how laws can be one way today and completely different tomorrow.


What is concerning is that not all migration agents / lawyers knew about this announced change at all! When choosing a migration agent make sure they are on top of their game, don’t leave your life in the hands of a non-expert. Unfortunately, registration alone does not guarantee quality representation.


The Bill proposing the new regulations is currently before the Senate and as such has not been enacted. It is likely to not come into effect until 2018. It will allow the Department to introduce enforceable sponsorship undertakings and gives the ability to refuse sponsorships based on criminal history or failure to comply with the requirements. The new process will make it mandatory for sponsors to provide police clearance certificates when the sponsorship is lodged.


It is recommended to take advantage of the deferral of these changes and to lodge your partner visa application as soon as you are eligible (hopefully prior to 2018). Here’s an insider tip, there isn’t actually a 12 month relationship requirement like the Department’s website makes it sound like.


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