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Does this sound like your business?

The cost of a new staff member to a business is much more than an advertisement on Seek. Trawling through resumes, scheduling interviews and trial shifts take time which costs money. Once you’ve hired someone, if they leave and you start the process all over again, you’ve wasted your time not only recruiting them but also training them about how things are done in your workplace.

What do we do?

We source dedicated hard working staff for your business. They happen to be migrants which mean their visas are linked to their employment which means your staff has a unique incentive to stay in their job, reducing your staff turnover rates. We are confident that our services will impress and will not charge any fee for the first candidate you hire through us.

Why us?

We are a full-service recruitment and migration firm with highly experienced recruiters, migration lawyers, and agents. We are a one stop shop for your labor solution needs. We have handpicked our candidates not only for their experience and drive but also due to their suitability for work visas. There is no time wasting with our candidates or with us.

How to get started

Tell us what you need, we’ll share with you who we have on our books and if you like what you see we can arrange a trial shift.

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