Why Sponsor a Foreign Worker?

Why Sponsor a Foreign Worker?

  1. Staff retention

Some people job hop, constantly looking for more money or just taking the employer’s training and leaving as soon as there is something more exciting. A 457-visa holder can only work with their sponsoring employer so they tend to stay put. Their employment is temporary for up to four years; after they have worked with their sponsor for two years on their 457 visa there is often the option for the sponsoring employer to sponsor them for permanent residency. This is the goal of most 457 workers.

  1. What if it doesn’t work out

A business can fire a foreign worker in exactly the same way they would an Australian. There is no extra commitment to keep them on just because you are their visa sponsor. You may however have an obligation to notify the Department if you terminate a visa holder’s employment.

  1. Incentive to perform

Some people get complaisant in their job and can let their performance slide. 457 workers want you to sponsor them for permanent residency and know that you won’t want to unless they are great at their job. They have an incentive to continue to impress in the workplace that others do not have.

  1. Tap into a new market

Bringing overseas experience to the workplace can present amazing opportunities for your business. Whether it is a new taste in your kitchen, someone with a second language who can tap into a new sales market for you or a style of tiling or painting that is different in the market, there are all advantages that a foreign worker can offer to help you boost your sales.


How much time and money?

  1. We can do the recruitment for you at zero cost – our candidates are in Australia and ready for a trial shift.
  2. The government application fee is $420 once off for 2-5 year validity and $330 for each candidate.
  3. We handle the whole process for you; we just need you to provide us with some documents and information.

How to get started?

Tell us what you need, we’ll share with you who we have on our books and if you like what you see we can arrange a trial shift.

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