How Sponsoring Overseas Workers Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re finding it increasingly challenging to find and retain local skilled staff relevant to your business, you should consider sponsoring overseas skilled workers. Sponsoring employees involves employing them in a position at your work for a specified duration, and the key benefit is safety in the knowledge that you’ll retain that employee for that entire duration. This helps combat high staff turnover rates in your business and reduces training overheads in the long-run.

And best of all, it can even help your business grow. Below are some further reasons to consider sponsoring overseas workers:

  1. You will have access to a larger pool of skilled individuals relevant to the position you need coming from different parts of the globe.
  2. Overseas workers are hard workers. They will be focused and passionate since they are away from families and most often than not, they have no acquaintances during their first few months in a new country. Working hard is their mantra to make a good impression with their employers and colleagues.
  3. Given their experiences from their home countries, foreign-born staff can help provide some diverse insight into innovation and practices and can contribute to the rapid growth of your business
  4. Once again, retention is the word. They can work for you up to four years or more in terms of further sponsorship. Keeping employees in the long-term helps reduce training overheads and is a more effective application of labour resources as their familiarity with your business continues to increase.

Training new staff members is no joke. It’s an investment of time and money to ensure they learn how your business works, the assigned roles and your clients’ needs. Losing someone after so many resources have been put into their training can be a heavy blow to your business, and staff retention plays an integral part in the ongoing development of your business’s operations and success.

The benefits listed above are available to you and your business, and we’re ready to help you from the first step all the way through! Call us on 07 3191 2407 or email at to get a start on finding the right overseas worker for you.

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