Australian Police Clearances for Migration – Step by Step Guide

Australian Police Clearances for Migration – Step by Step Guide

“Applying for an Australian Federal Police Clearance (AFP) for your application should be quick and easy with this step by step guide.”

Before you apply consider :
• are you sure you need to? Not every visa application requires a police clearance e.g. student visa. But, if you have a criminal history then it will make for a quicker application if you apply for one anyway
• is is too soon? Police clearances are only valid in the eyes of the Department for one year after they are issued. So, if your visa application has an average processing time of more than 12 months, consider that you may wish to lodge the application without a police clearance but if you don’t supply the Department with it soon enough, your visa decision might be delayed
Still want to go ahead and apply:

1. Make sure you are able to sign a form and then either scan it or take a picture of it, this form is only generated after you type in your details on the AFP website. If you are not near a printer you may be wasting your time with the form as you will have to fill in the first part again once you have the signed consent form.

2. Get 100 points of ID ready in either pdf or jpg form (you can take a picture of the documents on your phone if you can get a clear enough shot) examples include:
o valid passport is 70 points
o bank card is 25 points
o tax assessment is 25 points
o utility bill (gas, water, electricity, phone – must be less than 12 months old) is 25 points

3. When typing your name make sure to enter it exactly as it appears in your passport e.g. If your name is NATHAN SINGH all one name not first name last name (Nathan SINGH), then you only type your name in the Family Name/Last Name section and you leave the First Given Name and Other Given Name section blank

4. If you are using this police check for an Australian visa application select Commonwealth Employment / Purpose where it asks for Purpose Type

5. Where it asks for Purpose of Check select 33 – Immigration/ Citizenship

6. Complete the prompts and take care when you type in your postal address as this is where the clearance will be sent

7. Wait for your clearance to arrive in the mail – the amount of time it takes depends on how many people there are with the same name as you (amongst other things). If it hasn’t arrived in a few weeks you can call the AFP, quote your reference number and see if something has gone wrong

8. Most of the type a scanned copy of the police clearance is sufficient for your application but this is not always the case.

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